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About Us & Nookie Information

She's a stay at home mom, a work at home mom, and a loving wife. She's even been nominated for New Jersey Assembly. Her name is Stepfanie Velez-Gentry, and as the Founding Consultant and Owner of Nookie Parties LLC she loves her work. Stepfanie is benefiting from her company's success. Now, you can get on board as well! Since 2007, Nookie Parties LLC has been helping women earn a great income while only working a few hours a week.
So, why should you get involved with Nookie Parties LLC? First of all, you can trust the woman behind the products. Stepfanie is an award winning Romance Specialist who has been in sales for over a decade. Nookie Parties LLC takes pride in customer service, standing behind their products and your satisfaction. It's all about the business of Romance Enhancement. That's great news for you whether you want to improve your love life or profit from helping others spice up their romantic endeavors.
Sometimes, women experience events that might mean they have to take a break from work for awhile. With Nookie Parties LLC, you will never be penalized or loose your "status" when life gets in the way. A medical leave of up to 6 weeks is granted for maternity or disability. During this 6 week period you will still get your down line credits. Nookie Parties LLC is the ONLY company that offers this kind of peace of mind! In other words, we're as flexible as some of our products!
Nookie Parties supports stay at home parents and work at home parents and their businesses. We strongly believe that the Mom and Pop companies are the heart and soul of our great country. We stand by our products 100% and we are sure you will love them. Please visit our Links and Advertising Section and take a look at some other Mom and Pop Companies. Thank You for Choosing Nookie Parties LLC. We look forward to a long relationship together while enhancing your relationships along the way.
A special Thanks to Kevin Scholla for writing this :) Check out his websites in our Links section! web stats Thank You for Choosing Nookie Parties. web tracking

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